Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rejections, Acceptances, & Flatness

Welcome, winsome wanderer, to my wonderful little world. How many w's can a sentence have, right? Oh, not the question you had in mind? I see: you're the negative type. What makes my world so wonderful, you ask? Well, I consider it wonderful, and that’s what matters most of all: having my own nice, wonderfully warm little corner of the world.

The topics of the day are my rejections, acceptances, and flatness.

Yesterday, I submitted a short story titled “Dirt.” to “The Literati Quarterly” (it's their logo up top). Within half an hour, my work was accepted. I also became a member of a closed group on Facebook called “Write to Be,” where I’ve met some very interesting writers and found out about some really cool places to submit my writings. Not only that, but the LQ has actually worked me out of a fiction drought. I’ve not written a short story in years—that I’ve finished, anyway. Great feeling!

Today, I received word from “Cactus Heart Press” that my poetry (which I submitted back in December) “did not fit with the editorial selection this time.” This time? The wording implies that I submitted a different body of poems that were acceptable. I did not. Still, at least the CH suggested I place “this submission in another forum.”

I plan to write more stories, since I’ve pulled myself from the dry spell, and see if maybe the world likes my stories more than my poems. An experiment, really—something I’ve found that I enjoy. I love all the experiment-type questions, too, like: What are the chances? What will happen if you try this instead of that? I have a scientist brain, I guess.

Being a human being as well as a writer, I find that I seek that connection with people—a support group, really. I felt really discouraged today when a certain family member started calling my writing “flat,” which wouldn’t bother me so much if he’d only included maybe a word, phrase, anything that said he had faith in my ability. Nope, there wasn’t any. He only said I was flat, needed to read Stephen King, and stop using so many adjectives. When was the last time he read something of mine, anyway? Over a year or two, I think. He even said that Nora Roberts wrote flat. When did he ever read her?

Reader, I know you’re probably thinking that I’m somewhat shallow, for seeking a connection with people. Well, I’ve never been an absolute loner. If I suddenly found myself stranded on an island, I’d be worse than Tom Hanks: I’d find an emotional attachment to everything, much less a soccer ball. Still, I sometimes wish that family wouldn’t crawl under my skin, but—like someone told me today—I need an objective audience. I also need to focus on the positive and never give up. When I write, I just need to ignore the skeptics, take a deep breath, and jump in. The only support group I need knows who she is, even if she sometimes thinks that I overlook her advice, encouragement, and collaboration.

What’s in store for me next? I’m planning to submit here:

Wish me luck!

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