Friday, February 28, 2014

Rant: Arizona's Bill & My Anger

A ranting we will go. A ranting we will go. Hi-ho, crappy-o! A ranting we will go!

To those of you who are used to my “happier” blog entries, NOW is the time to hit that back button and escape, because you’ve walked into a wild, angry, break-the-dishes, pull-out-your-hair moment. 

There is no balance between today. I have jumped off the edge, and am currently swimming through shark-filled waters back to the mainland.

With that said, I want you to know that I’ve promised myself many things in my life—things to refrain from doing, committing, or whatever word you want to choose. I can’t help ranting sometimes, especially when the topics keep building and building and building. I will cover one of those topics tonight: sexuality.

Let’s start out with Arizona’s “bill.” Who sits around and comes up with a load of legal mumbo jumbo that will give business owners the right to sell (or not sell) to homosexuals? I don’t like it when anyone is picked on for being different, for reasons that constantly stew in my mind. From being a woman and getting arrested for voting (a long time ago, true, but—in the scope of this planet—not long at all), to being a slave ripped from his family to die under the whip of merciless “white man,” to what that monster did to Jews... even CHILDREN—I can’t get this stuff out of my mind. I can’t. I have a memory for details, no matter how gruesome, and keeping all of this in my head reminds me of the atrocities one human places on another, while the banner of peace waves somewhere in the back of my mind.

But, don’t you see, that’s just it: from one human to the next, we are all on this planet together, to face the mighty winds of life, to get out of every sunrise and sunset what our souls can claim, before drifting into the world beyond this one. I’ve met individuals that are homosexual. These individuals are sweet. Too sweet. I guess, in that lies their dilemma: they aren’t out to start a war, or bring blood into the ground of the earth—but LOVE. In the scope of our planet, I feel that there’s not a single spot of earth that hasn’t tasted blood. A sad thought, true. Why must we let the nation—and our hearts—deny others (human beings, not monsters) for bringing love to this world? We need it so desperately!

I’m sure someone is going to say, “It’s against God for two people of the same sex to marry.” I must have skipped over that part, or maybe paid too much attention to the Ten Commandments, where it asks us to “honor” our neighbors. If your neighbor isn’t the same sexuality as you, are you going to turn against him/her—or are you going to honor the soul within? I just don’t understand. We’re all sinners on a spinning ball of dirt. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” No one qualifies... and that’s fine. It’s alright not to be perfect, and not to be the same. Our individuality makes life worthwhile. No one loves the same. No one feels the same. No one dreams the same. If you’re looking for a perfect world, you’re looking for a boring world. What is a world with Bukowski if there’s no Byron?

Now, I know you’re wondering, “Are you homosexual?” I get that I haven’t ever dated, so that must mean to some I’m closeted or something. My sexuality is simple, because I’ve recently found out what my “kind” are called: sapiosexuals—those who find intelligence the most sexually attractive feature. I mean, come on, finding intelligence in a world retarded by “standards” that tell us what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s normal, what’s abnormal is really rare.

I’ll close with a simple lyric, for simplicity can often be a beautiful, though enigmatic, creature: “All you need is love.” In this world, what a rare, rare creature, too.

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