Monday, March 17, 2014

Love - Unburdened

Everyone needs to be reminded that love exists. Today, I think God knew that’s exactly what I needed. I am blessed to work in Adult Education, but not in the standard definition of “blessed.” The dictionary cannot define the way that I feel it, especially today.

Let’s face it: Merriam Webster tries but really cannot define some things, especially what courses through the soul—or comes from the heart. I’ve come to accept that absence from the written word in my life. Sometimes, I stop when I see a word (such as love) and really let it seep into my soul, to find the definition only known by the heart. I mean, come on! How in the world can a work in progress, like life, have a definite explanation? How can one philosopher declare this, that, or other, without completely diverting from the stream which flows through my conscience? The individual should have a say in emotions, not leave the understanding up to a handful, especially not those who string together the words in a dictionary.

I have nothing against a dictionary, mind you. I simply cannot find the words today to describe how I feel when I say, “I’m blessed.” My boss claims that she doesn’t have a way with words like I do. Oh, humility, strike me down! The email she sent me—laced in love and brimming with affection, lacking malice in simplest article—tells me otherwise. She knows me, and—what’s more—she embraces me for who I am, which makes her a true friend.

In this life, I have few who embrace my awkwardness, insecurity, and introversion. In finding more than one (in family and in friends), I cannot help but believe that love exists—love, in so many facets, given wholly, and unburdened by a solitary definition.

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