Monday, November 25, 2013

The Cold, Common & Bond, James

Hello, good people, and welcome to my blog. Recently, I’ve been sick. What a way to avoid beating around the bush, eh? That’s me. I’m a tough pill to swallow sometimes. Oh, gosh, let’s not talk about pills… or that dreaded word “medicine.”

On Friday morning, I woke up with the first signs of my sickness. Did this keep me from going to work? Nope. I hung in there and worked my scheduled five hours, but I became sicker as the day progressed.  Yay, me. I never realized I was the moaning, groaning kind, until Friday afternoon and most of Saturday. I couldn’t help myself, really, because this sickness brought a lot of pain. Okay, okay, maybe moderate pain. I’m not a wimp. I know what pain is. A fiery throat with ears that feels like a ceti eel (Star Trek, anyone?) has moved in, with family in tow, is definitely painful.

Long story short, my sickness devoured my weekend, which included my chance to write.  Early Saturday evening, while watching the sun go down from my bed, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to win NaNo this year. I am behind in my word count, because I need to write 57,000 to win this year. My dreams were somewhat entertaining, though, because I dreamt about zombies most of the time I was “out.”

Saturday night, I watched the newest James Bond movie with my Dad. It’s not fun watching a movie with someone who blows her nose every two or three minutes. Surprisingly for me, and my snot-filled brain, I was able to follow the plot pretty well: Bond gets shot, survives, goes after messed up bad guy (who really likes M), Bond meets Q, Bond meets exotic Bond girl, exotic Bond girl dies, bad guy dies, M dies, Bond gets formally introduced to Moneypenny, and Voldemort becomes Bond’s boss. Oliver Warbucks is in this movie too. Yeah… adding Voldemort was already too much for me to handle, much less Warbucks.

On Sunday morning, I had enough of the sickness. I was like, “Screw this!” I got up, washed my bed clothes, and rid the bedroom of germs. I managed to stay out of bed for most of the day, and even participated in a strange game that my sister and her hubby brought over. Regardless of my intentions to stay up and about, by Sunday night, my head was pounding (undoubtedly from sleeping off and on for 48 hours—oh, and, don’t forget the snot… we must not forget the snot). Although I enjoyed watching a sugary-sweet & sentimental Christmas movie with Momma, I realized around about 9:30 that I wasn’t going to be able to stay up longer.

The key motivator for Monday was going to work and creating a report using Excel. I’m such a happy geek… when I’m well, that is. *cough, cough* *sniffle, sniffle*

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